‘SHAMEFUL’ Company in UAE searches for full-time engineers with AED1,200 salary


A UAE-based company posted four job vacancies for electrical and mechanical engineers with an unbelievable salary offer. 

In a screenshot shared by u/diastyn_reddit, the company is currently searching for four full-time engineers to join in their technical department–two electrical engineers and two mechanical engineers. 

And it’s not a typo, might as well work at a car wash and make more:( from r/dubai

“Candidates who are available here in the UAE only need to apply. [Candidates] should have engineering certificates available,” the post reads. 

What pissed the Reddit user off is the salary the company offers. The engineer applicants, who studied five or more years in college, are only being offered with a monthly salary of AED1,200. 

“And it’s not a typo, might as well work at a car wash and make more,” he writes. 

Disgrace, disgusting 

“This is a disgrace to those who spent so many years of their lives to get their degrees! I’d get more working in McDonald’s or Wendy’s,” one user comments. 

Another commenter wrote that the post was ‘disgusting’ thus the company should be fined for posting ‘this crap.’

“This is shameful and I hope it gets regulated soon. It has nothing to do with the pandemic, it’s just that now they have ‘an excuse’ for these embarrassing offers,” one commenter also writes. 

A nanny working in Dubai normally gets AED1,500 every month. 


  1. Shame! They really put down the value of a person because they take advantage of the situation… I have been looking for a job for 3 months now and majority of those posted in Indeed and Dubizzle are scammer, they will ask 200 dirhams from you and find you an employer…


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