WHAT?! This company in Dubai is looking for an accountant with over 800 years of experience


A ‘reputed’ freight forwarding company in UAE posted a job vacancy in a job site available in the country with impossible work experience! 

As shared by u/Amyth99 on Reddit, she came across a post looking for an accountant which is ‘responsible and accountable for the core sub-applications, including ledger planning, budgeting accounts, payable accounts, receivable fixed assets expenses, and cash management credit review and receivables management.’ 

These job requirements are getting crazier by the day. from r/dubai

The Reddit highlighted a part of the requirement which she called getting crazier by day. 

“Candidate should have a professional degree in accounting with at least 810 years of experience of which at least 57 years with a reputed freight forwarding company in supervisory roles,” the description read. 

While this may seem funny to some, others say that it’s probably a type and that they’re actually looking for a person who has at least 8 to 10 years of total work experience. 


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