Pinoy in Dubai battling Covid-19 again after contracting it for second time


An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Dubai has caught the deadly Covid-19 twice, proving that one can get it again. 

In a The Filipino Times report, Ryan Jay Buenaventura said that he survived the disease months ago and is currently battling the virus again after catching it for the second time. 

In the first situation, the 35-year-old Filipino was diagnosed on March 24 and was found to be asymptomatic. He was declared to be negative three days later. 

Last July 21, he contracted Covid-19 with obvious symptoms such as body pains, fatigue, headaches, fever, loss of taste and smell, as well as diarrhea. 

Currently, he is recovering in an isolation facility in Dubai. 

“The first time I had the infection, it had affected me because of the stigma attached to it. I experienced discrimination in my own home. For now, I am trying not to get my mental health affected by this. It’s hard not to but I am trying my best to surround myself with good people,” he told The Filipino Times. 

The OFW who has been living and working in the region for 10 years now added that he is trying to regain his immunity by taking vitamins, healthy meals, and cough syrup for his cough. 

“Whatever personal opinions we have about will ever help our community. We can talk about your stand on wearing masks and about the pandemic when this is over because our lives are bigger than all these issues,” he added. 

Buenaventura told his kabayans to follow the rules and regulations set by the national government to fight the spread of the new coronavirus. 


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