Amer: Dubai visit visa holders must pay Dh400 outpass fee before going home


The rules for expired visit visa have recently been amended and below are some of the clarifications made by Amer for visit visa holders issued by Dubai. 

Below is the process if your visit visa has expired before March 1 according to a July 27 Gulf News report: 

1. If you’re a Dubai visit visa holder and wishing to leave before August 10, 2020, you need to visit the deportation centre 48 hours before your departure. 

2. The Deportation Centre is located right before at the Dubai International Airport Terminal 2. 

(Exact location of deportation centre: if you’re heading towards Terminal 2, turn right towards D91 from Itihad Road (E11), you’ll see the Deportation Centre 1 kilometer down the road, right before Gate 3 of the airport.)

3. At the Deportation Centre, you will need to speak with an immigration officer who will do an eye and fingerprint scan. 

4. An AED400 outpass and administration fee shall be paid. This fee does not include any overstaying fee if you’re leaving the country before August 10, 2020. 

5. If you leave the country beyond August 10, 2020, you’ll pay your overstaying fine, which will be calculated based on your visa’s original expiry. 

6. Overstaying fines will be calculated as follows: 

-AED300 for the first day

-AED100 for every following day

If your Dubai visit expired after March 1, and the grace period is between March 1, 2020, and July 10, 2020, you can stay in the country until August 10, 2020. 

Below is the process for visit visa which expired after March 1: 

1. If you plan to leave UAE before August 10, you do not need to visit the Deportation Centre. 

2. But arriving at the airport in advance is required. 

3. Before leaving the country, you will be required to pay an amount of AED400 for administration and outpass fee. 

4. No overstaying fine will be imposed if you leave the country before August 10, 2020. Should you decide not to leave UAE by then, overstaying fine will be calculated July 11 onwards. 


  1. How about an 8 years runaway for their employer and abudhabi visa but living in there in need of outpass and what will do?thanks?


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