P15,000 sickness benefit for all frontliners with Covid-19 approved by Pres Duterte


President Rodrigo Duterte on his latest address to the public agreed with the recommendation that a P10,000 to P15,000 sickness benefit be provided to all healthcare workers infected with Covid-19. 

Chief Implementer of the Covid-19 response Carlito Galvez Jr. recommended that the president approve the sickness benefit to all health workers who contracted Covid-19. 

“There is some sort of psychological impact on our health workers. We recommend na mabigyan sila kahit P10,000. Almost 5,000 yung positive. Kasi yung fear nila to be afflicted parang nagkakaroon sila ng discrimination,” Galvez said in the televised press briefing in Malacanang last night. 

Duterte said he agreed with Galvez and that the government can even shell out P15,000 for them. 

Citing the first Bayanihan Law, only severe cases of Covid-19 among health workers were entitled to a P10,000 sickness benefit. 

As of Saturday, some 5,008 health workers have already contracted Covid-19, 4,576 of who have already recovered while 38 frontliners have died. 


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