Pinoy doctor invites Villar to a private hospital with 9 Covid-19 patients


A Filipino frontliner has sent Senator Cynthia Villar an open letter to visit a private hospital with nine Covid-19 patients. 

Over Twitter, Doc Aczar (@iamtix95) invited the senator who told frontliners to work harder to visit a private hospital with Covid-19 patients. 

“I will shoulder her PPE, food, and transportation. I’m kind. I can’t invite her to a government hospital because she might have a panic attack while making rounds,” the Twitter user said. 

The tweet is now going viral on the social media platform with nearly 10,000 likes and 1,000 retweets. 

Villar has already clarified that she was not referring to medical frontliners to work harder but the government officials. 

“We have to work harder and better, but I am not referring in particular to the medical workers — our frontliners. We are referring to all of us and DOH (Department of Health) and PhilHealth in particular. There is so much room for improvement in the government’s response to curbing the transmission of the disease,” she clarified. 

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