This 18-carat gold face mask has 3,600 diamonds and is priced at AED5.4-million


The most expensive Covid-19 mask is priced at USD1.5-million and it is made out of 19-carat gold and studded with 3,600 black and white diamonds and fitted with an N99 filter. 

The face mask was made by Israeli national Isaan Levy, owner of the Yvel, for a Chinese art collector client who is currently living in the US. 

“I don’t think the customer is going to use it going to the supermarket but he is going to use it here and there, I’m sure,” Levy said. 

Levy added that the customer who purchased the mask is a young-old customer of Yvel. 

“[He is] very charming, very outgoing, very wealthy and he likes to stand out,” he further added. 

The mask is expected to be delivered in October and Levy will personally deliver it to the client. 

A total of 25 artisans are working for the extravagant face mask. 

“For a lot of people around the world, it may be the most expensive mask in the world and maybe that’s a really big thing. For us, it’s a way to protect the positions of the people in the factory in order for them to be able to support their families,” he said. 


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