Allan Caragao, Senior Graphic Designer


Like many other Filipinos in the UAE, Allan Caragao arrived in UAE on a tourist visa for a greener pasture while rebooting his career with a country makeover. He arrived in the UAE in 2009, the time when the economy was shrinking due to recession. 

A first-timer abroad, he landed an advertising supervisor post at an advertising company where he formulated ideas and campaigns for their clients. As the advertising supervisor, he worked with project managers, and team members to provide professional recommendations. 

Prior to working in UAE, Allan has started his professional career in the Philippines as a publishing layout artist for a mall until he became a graphic designer and jumped from one work to another. 

A person with a good eye for the camera, he also used to work as a freelance photographer and designer for ‘additional income’. 

When asked about his long-term plans, he said there is only one: “To secure my family’s future.” 

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