Angeline Dominique Estrella, Dean of Qatar Campus


A wise man once said that adaptability is being able to adjust to any situation at any time. As for Angeline Dominique Estrella, one of the deans at the Filipino Institute Qatar campus, being versatile and adaptive are her greatest assets. A Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service and a Master of Arts in Public Administration holder, she said she is able to easily adapt to certain scenarios and communicate with other people without a struggle. 

Angeline has started working in the educational institution in 2019 though she never had any teaching background despite being part of a family of teachers. The call to share her knowledge and her expertise with her fellowmen had inspired her to teach. 

“The experienced I gained in the Filipino Institute helped me to develop versatility. As a volunteer-trainer, I find joy in teaching,” she said adding that being employed in the Filipino Institute is both tough and rewarding most especially when people around her appreciate even the littlest things she has contributed. 

Before moving to Qatar, she worked as a customer service representative for three years. Meanwhile, Angeline arrived in Qatar in 2018 and had worked as a customer data encoder for a leading telecommunications company on a project basis. 

“Joining the institution has given me a new perspective on life. Being with the Filipino Institute for more than a year has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and to grow professionally. Never had I imagined I will be extending my service through teaching,” she said. 

Angeline is presently teaching Sales and Social Media, Business Management, IELTS, and Human Resource-Basic. She is also among the trainers of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Professional in the host country. 

“They say storms don’t last forever. We may have battles–internally and externally–but we can still manage to smile and carry on with our tasks every day. We, Filipinos, are known to be fighters, and our resilience to these trying times is what makes us unique. Always stay positive, never forget to pray and seek guidance from Him. Kaya natin ‘to,” she said when asked about her advice to her fellow kabayans. 

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