Arthur Villalon, Dean of the Graduate School


To give his family a brighter future, Arthur ‘Archie’ Villalon has been working abroad for almost half of his life–mainly working in the hotel and restaurant industries. 

Trying to go out of his comfort zone, he started working in the sales industry and now a Dean of the Graduate School in the Filipino Institute. He oversees the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) online and in-person students. 

“The best thing about working here is I get to enhance more of my skills and learn more. Not only that but I also don’t feel the pressure in working here because my colleagues, and especially our boss, are very helpful and easy to go along with,” he said. 

Aside from being the main contact person of MBA and Ph.D., Arthur is also part of the troubleshooting team when there are incidents that need to be addressed immediately. 

When asked about his long-term plans, he said he doesn’t think one because one does not know what will happen in the future. 

“What I know is that we only live once and I live to the fullest. Working and giving my kids a brighter future and spending as much time when I get home for a vacation,” he added. 

His advice to Filipinos who are currently struggling is to have faith, pray, and never give up. 

“Like our motto here in the Filipino Institute–Kaya mo, Kaya Ko, Kaya Natin ‘To!” he concluded. 

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