Jonathan Dumas, Multimedia Manager


Behind every creative video content uploaded on the Filipino Institute’s social media platforms is multimedia manager Jonathan Dumas. He is in-charge of conceptualizing video content on all the platforms of the educational institution–from storytelling to production. 

Jonathan, who has been in the UAE for only three months, is enthusiastic about technology, thus he’s tagged the ‘techie guy’ in the office. 

Before starting an overseas journey, he used to work as an online freelancer and video editor. His last job was as an IT support for a company based in Pampanga. He arrived in Dubai with three years of combined work experience with a major emphasis in information technology support, video editing, photo editing, and filmmaking which he achieved on a regular basis throughout his professional career. 

His previous works provided him the opportunity to grow, develop, and advance in the services industry. 

He was hired as the multimedia manager for the institution for his keen eye for details and a critical mind, creativity, and interest in film and video editing, and his organizational and time management skills. 

When asked about the best thing about working in the Filipino Institute, he said the company’s goal to help Filipinos in the Middle East to achieve their goals and giving them the chance to shift to another career path and work on their dream jobs. 

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