Maryjon Payawal Dela Cruz, Admin Manager-Abu Dhabi Campus


Developing and implementing policies and procedures to improve operations and function of the Filipino Institute Abu Dhabi campus, Maryjon Payawal Dela Cruz always believes that working as the admin manager at the educational institution has given her the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

Maryjon has a passional personality with both admin and operations backgrounds with a verifiable record of meeting and exceeding set targets and performance objectives. 

A natural communicator, the admin manager also plays a collaborative team player who readily gains respect from colleagues and students through effective rapport building. She is also recognized by her colleagues for her strong work ethic, integrity, drive, and ambition. 

When asked the best words to describe her, Maryjon said it would be ‘industrious, joyful, reliable, and trustworthy.’ 

“I am very meticulous with my work and I work very hard. I love to be sociable and I am described as a calm person,” she added. 

The Filipina has been working in the UAE for two years now. She was exposed to career paths when she turned 16. 

Prior to working in the Filipino Institute, she also worked as an admin and receptionist in the host country and co-partner for an advertising agency in the Philippines. 

Part of her long-term plan is to ‘learn more’ and further grow her career and build her own company. 

“Piece of advice to fellow countrymen is to believe in yourself and work hard towards your dream,” she added. 

Maryjon believes that a dream without action and a goal has no opportunity to come true. 

“No matter what, always try to take the opportunity and be the kind person who makes a difference in the lives of others. When you do good, you get good and never compromise on who you are, your choices will define you, so make them the right ones,” she further added. 

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