Award-winning photographer in UAE expresses inner emotions through snaps


A good photographer has an eye for detail, but a great photographer like Oscar Rialubin has all the combined desirable qualities every great photographer should have – because it shows to his resume. 

The Filipino based in UAE is an award-winning photographer known for shooting urban landscape and architecture. Currently, he is working as a photographer and a videographer for a private company.

From a long list of accomplishments, few of his recent photos were awarded as first place on the Focus On The Story Awards 2019, bronze for Tokyo International Foto Awards 2019 for Architecture-Building category, and one of the winners in Qatar Ramadan Photo Contest 2019. 

After finishing his bachelor’s degree in architecture in the Philippines, he started his career as an architectural designer/renderer before working as a 3D graphic designer and animator for quite ample time. 

The Filipino photographer was also awarded as the CBRE Photographer of the Year in 2015 with his masterpiece ‘Xyclops’ a watch repairman chosen over 21,000 entries from 113 countries. 

“At a younger age, we all love adventure and more aggressive for career development,” the OFW for 13 years said. 

“I am so passionate about photography and it already became part of me, my freedom to express my own art, and my inner emotions, my reality beyond imagination, my license to travel and see other places and cultures. To get paid to do something you really love is a dream. With the God-given talent, I know it’s my calling I can only describe as a piece of heaven on earth,” he further added. 

Before going abroad and getting all these accolades, he got a long year working on 3D/CAD in the Philippines, which he considers as ‘a beautiful struggle.’ However, the most petrifying moment he had endured while working there was the change of ownership. 

“Few months on the process and countless sleepless nights in a cold sweat, we are on the edge of losing our job, a swan song for our beloved company which I and my friends consider as our last stop. I am so blessed that I survived, and yes, it’s true, at the end of the day, it’s your performance that counts,” he recalled. 

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