Filipino fashion designer in UAE setting new mood in vogue


If there is one person that is well-versed in haute couture and gusto, the very perfect one would be Yen Ab – an international Filipino fashion designer and art director based in the UAE. 

Embroidering her own path in the fashion industry in UAE, Yen has been renowned for doing everything bewilderingly well from creating his own brand to co-founding Yen Fashion Design and Yaash Design. 

His creations have been instilled in the international fashion arena to be original and timeless. 

To this date, Yen’s work has already been featured in music videos, movies, TV shows, and red-carpet appearances in Hollywood such as at the Emmys, The Grammys, Soul Train Awards, Country Music Awards, and Cannes. 

The pride of the Philippines has also had his couture displayed at an international fashion show, including House of Ikons London Fashion Week, Phoenix Fashion Week, Metropolitan Fashion Week Hollywood; and international exhibitions at TedX The Future of Fashion, HOI London, China, and Tokyo, Japan. 

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