Filipino Institute offers FREE virtual classes to support jobless individuals


As more and more individuals lose jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UAE-based training institute Filipino is stepping up its initiative by providing free online education to displaced Filipinos and non-Filipinos. 

According to Mr. Gabriel John Rimando, the Founder and President of the Filipino Institute and Publisher of The Global Filipino Magazine, the scholarship program covers those individuals who have recently been terminated or on a no-work-no-pay arrangement, including those students who are not currently studying, and out-of-school youths. 

Those individuals who are availing the program need to show proof: termination letter for those displaced; and a letter proving that an employee is on a no-work-no-pay scheme. 

Those on visit visa are also encouraged to apply for the program to make use of their time while waiting to be employed. Meanwhile, those students who are still waiting for class resumption can send their school ID as proof. 

All applicants are also required to Like and Subscribe on the following YouTube channels: 

Filipino Institute


Gabriel John Rimando


Camille Joy Rimando


The Rimando Family


The scholarship covers the first module of the chosen course of the incoming scholars. Below is the list of courses to be taken.

All the requirements, including the screenshots of subscribing on the YouTube accounts above,  shall be sent on and WhatsApp 0589231260. 


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