PAL’s long-time employee shares the secret to success


Agnes Pagaduan has spent more than half of her life working with Philippine Airlines. She has been working in the airline company for 29 years now and like any other ordinary employee, she started at the bottom before she achieved her dream position which is the Country Manager. 

She was assigned overseas in 2015 in Jakarta Indonesia as the country manager. This was her first assignment overseas. A year after, she was reassigned in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with the same position. This time she oversees the operations, logistics, develops new business and ensures profitability. 

“Working abroad is a great opportunity for me as not everybody is given that kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said. 

Right after graduating from college, she started working in the same airline company. 

When asked about what does she like with her job, Pagaduan said the fact that she exceeds her bosses’ expectations, meeting people from all walks of life as she deals with their business, and being able to help her kabayans overseas in her own simple ways. 

“What I like most about working in Dubai are the people I’m working with, the warm acceptance of the community that I meet every day, their kindness and realness,” she added. 

Working in the host country now for more than three years, Pagaduan said the real struggle she faces is the fact that she is far from her family and loved ones. 

“I feel that I have lost a lot of time that I should be spending with my children which no amount of money or success could ever replace. During the times that I feel lonely, prayer is always the key and faith that I have with God as he is the only one I can depend on,” the country manager said. 

The secret to success? She said employees should always love their jobs. 

“Love your job and save as much as you can as we are not sure of tomorrow. Anything can happen in a glimpse of an eye and more importantly, you should take care of your health and well-being,” she added. 

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