NAIA releases latest travel requirements and process for all passengers


Due to Covid-19’s evolving situation, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has released the latest precautionary measures and requirements for travelers. 

Flights in the Philippines (additional information from the Philippine Airlines)

Departing passengers are advised to adjust their arrival time at the airport for check-in: 

-At least four hours before the scheduled time of departure or by 8 pm latest for international flights from Manila. 

-At least three hours before for all other international flights. 

-At least three hours before for all domestic flights or by 8 pm latest if departing from Manila. 

Arrival in the Philippines

All passengers arriving in Manila are required to accomplish arrival cards and undergo screening through the immigration counters. 

In line with this, the immigration e-Gates for Philippine Passport holders at the NAIA arrivals area are temporarily disabled. 

Additional requirements: 

-Mandatory wearing of face masks.

-Mandatory wearing of face shields. 

-Mandatory physical distancing and minimum contact at all times and in all places within the airport premises, and during all procedures such as check-in, boarding, inflight, disembarking and retrieving of check-in baggage. 

-Mandatory public safety announcements before the closing of doors and during flights, for cabin and health security protocols. 

-Strict compliance with safety procedure on handling of suspected ill passengers on board, which include keeping the last three seat rows of the plane vacant as an isolation area for suspected ill passengers already on board. 

-Regular sanitation and disinfection of airline facilities and equipment, and in coordination with the airport authorities, all airport facilities, and equipment, including lavatories, frequently touched surfaces, wheelchairs, trolleys, countertops, etc.


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