News Medical professional in UAE proves Filipinos are globally competitive

Medical professional in UAE proves Filipinos are globally competitive


Filipinos are generally competitive—they are sought because of their talents, skills, and knowledge. Dr. Alfred Dahbi, the operations manager and project manager at Aspen Medical UAE, an Australian company for medical solutions. His day-to-day work in the company includes looking after more than a thousand healthcare professionals who were deployed to different government sector missions as part of the country’s response to COVID-19 and manage several projects in relation to education and healthcare delivery.

“I am lucky to be part of Aspen Medical and to have a manager and mentor such as Mr. Sudeep Acharya, General Manager of Aspen Medical UAE who never looked at the color of my passport but rather trusted that with proper honing of skills, talent and hard work, anything can be accomplished,” Dhabi, whose mom is a Filipina nurse and dad an Algerian physician, said.

Dahbi, 29, is a nurse by trade with master’s and doctorate degrees specializing in life support, trauma, education, and research.

The medical worker added that his parents are the real reason why he opted to continue his career in the medical field.

Early days

Dahbi grew up in UAE and started to work at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). Despite being well-compensated and being part of a government-owned company, he still left it in an effort to ‘step out from my comfort zone’ and ventured into different roles of nursing jobs until he ended up as an educator.

“I found passion in learning new things and imparting those things to people, I had a sense of fulfillment when doing so, although being an instructor for life support, trauma, and continuing medical education was not easy, I viewed it as a challenge and a way to improve myself in life and in career,” he further added.

Seeking a greener pasture in the country is not the agenda he has in mind, he also wants to make sure that he leaves an impact wherever he goes, showcasing that Filipinos are unquestionable globally competitive, and are sought for their talents, skills, and knowledge.

“That is the reason why whenever I meet a fellow kabayan I always encourage them to be a better version of themselves, never settle for the status quo, pursue advance studies, and the likes,” Dahbi said.

Just recently, he and the Aspen Medical UAE staff have been actively involved in philanthropic activities in the Philippines, including raising a total of P1.7-million for various charitable institutions in the country. Prior to that, an amount of P1-million was also divided into 10 charitable missions in their respective hometowns.

The worst part but…

While achieving his dreams, there were moments when he had to question himself—and reflect on his decisions in life.

“[There were times] when I literally had nothing in me, full of debts and I had to walk for more than an hour to reach our work almost every day, times that my colleagues were offering me food that I wasn’t consuming because of pride,” he said.

Despite experiencing hurdles in life previously, he didn’t regret suffering from it because it made him stronger and more resilient.

“I urge everyone to never lose hope when everything seems to crash down. As the song and saying go ‘there is sunshine after the rain.’ During these times of crisis, we should always look for a silver lining,” he added.

Although he is still young and busy making changes in peoples’ lives, he had always dreamed of moving to a country wherein he can excel and learn new things, like migrating to Australia soon.

“If there is anything I learned through the years and my parents’ tenure in UAE is that you should always invest in the future. Stop buying fancy cars, accessories, mobile phones but rather buy land, estate, open a business in the Philippines, invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Think of how you can make your money work for you instead of working for money,” Dahbi said. 

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