Dubai residents claim getting Wi-Fi cut off by Etisalat despite paying bill


Many internet users in the UAE are complaining on social media about getting Wi-Fi cut off by Etisalat despite paying their bills on time. 

On Reddit, user u/Abood_23D asked the members of r/dubai if they’re experiencing internet cut-offs and lower internet speed. 

Anyone recently getting their WiFi cut off by Etisalat? from r/dubai

One comment read that the same situation happened to him. Reddit user u/Nebuchadnessor said he tried reaching the network, however, a ‘virtual adviser’ got in the way. 


While one user’s ethernet perfectly works, their only problem was their Wi-Fi connection. 

“And I’m in AD. Sometimes turning off & on WiFi in mobile works. Otherwise, I need to unplug & plug the cable from the router. It’s frustrating,” he added. 


Read some comments below:

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