‘I will keep you always, forever’ Husband shares heartfelt message to dead wife


Dr. Jerome Senen has shared on Facebook a heartfelt message, that has recently gone viral, for his wife Dr. Kharen Senen who died due to Covid-19. 

He shared the tear-jerking experience while driving to the church for the online mass dedicated to his wife last August 23. 

“Whenever Kharen and I would go on a road trip, or even just driving to the hospital, we always have a habit of holding each other’s hand,” Jerome wrote.

“Yesterday was our last road trip together, as I was driving Kharen to the church for the online mass dedicated to her. And during the entire drive, I cannot help myself but hold and touch her urn, the way I used to touch and hold her hand,” he added.

Kharen died after contracting Covid-19 twice. 


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