Philippine Consulate in Dubai receives fewer repatriation requests from OFWs


A top official from the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai said that they have been receiving fewer repatriation requests from displaced Filipinos in the emirate as more job opportunities open up. 

“Very few na lang. Less than 1,000 kasi many have received job offers naman na,” Consul General Paul Raymund Cortes was quoted as saying by Daily Bread News. 

According to him, in mid-July, the figure was at approximately 8,000 with repeat requests in the list. The list has decreased to around 2,000 a few weeks back. 

The latest repatriation for OFWs were on August 28 and August 31 onboard Cebu Pacific flight 5J19 flying a total of 210 OFWs. 

Of the total number of repatriated OFWs recently, 40 percent of them are Filipinos on visit or tourist visas, and the rest were amnesty-seekers whose visas have expired long before March 1. 

The repatriation also included OFWs whose employment visas have been canceled by their employers. 


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