Beware! Fake job recruiters in Dubai scam job hunters between AED1,000 to AED3,000


Dubai Police have recently arrested a group of fake job seekers who conned 150 jobhunters during Covid-19. 

According to a Gulf News report, the gang has established a fake recruitment company to scam job seekers for fees ranging between AED1,000 to AED3,000. 

“They were conning victims of job opportunities with good salaries in Dubai. They asked the victims to pay a fee for recruiting and in this way, they scammed 150 people and illegally obtained a large sum of money,” Brig. Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said. 

He further revealed that the group of scammers used social media platforms to reach a large group of audience that they’re planning to scam. 

The fake recruitment agency was found to be managing by an Asian man. 

“He used to post job opportunities online. No qualifications were required for these posts. He was charging jobseekers between AED1,000 to AED3,000 to finish the process,” Col Salah Bu Osaiba, Director of the Department of Anti-Economic Crimes at the Dubai Police, said. 


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