UAE doubles internet speed to support online learning


Authorities in the UAE have doubled the internet speed in the country in an effort to support virtual classes for the academic year 2020-2021. 

The country, according to Hussain Al-Hammadi, Minister of Education, is prepared to make the shift to distance learning platforms after the pandemic hit because in 2012 the country had launched the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning Initiative which was established to offer a unique learning environment in schools through the introduction of ‘Smart Classes’ under which students will utilize smart devices and high-speed 4G networks as means of acquiring knowledge. 

“We really invested a lot a long time ago in all these infrastructure requirements to enable us to continue educating in different scenarios,” he said during a panel titled ‘Pushing the limits in the healthcare, telecoms and education sectors: bent, but not broken?’,” Al-Hammadi said. 

“It’s about building the best learning platform that is really smart, resilient, and meets modern requirements. Then you need to provide teachers and students with appropriate devices that enable them to enter the network and have the capabilities to use advanced applications and software to be embedded in the learning platform,” he added. 


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