Dubai fulfills last wish of terminally-ill patient to visit a beach


A Dubai hospital has recently fulfilled a local patient’s last wish while on a stretcher, which is to visit a beach. 

The Prime Hospital took Fatma Zaal Zaal Al Khamis, 72, at the Jumeirah Beach on Wednesday at 7 am. The Emirati patient hasn’t had a proper sun-and-sand experience. A group of healthcare professionals wheeled Al Khamis as close to the waves as possible. 

In a video made by Gulf News, she was seen silently watching the beautiful sunrise and listening to the waves. 

The patient, who is also a widow and terminally-ill, is ravaged by a bunch of morbidities including diabetes, stroke, and hypertension, making her very frail. 

“Fatma is like a family to us now. For the last two years, she has been in and out of the hospital several times. She had diabetes and hypertension, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, then she suffered a stroke and was treated,” Dr. Dirar Abdallah, Consultant Internal Medicine and Chair of Medicine at Prime Hospital, was quoted as saying by Gulf News. 

The doctor added that six weeks ago, Al Khamis was admitted to the ICU and they discovered that she also had stage four cervical cancer which had metastasized in her abdomen. 

“We have carried out some palliative care surgeries to make her comfortable and are giving her palliative medicine to keep her pain free. There is no much we can do. For many years, Fatma has been confined to the bed and has been unable to go out and experience the outdoors,” he further revealed. 

Al Khamsi’s visit to the beach has only lasted for 20 minutes. 

Photo by Gulf News


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