Leni Robredo: I have a right to criticize the government


As a Filipino citizen, Vice President Leni Robredo highlighted that she has the right to criticize the actions of the government. 

“Kahit hindi ako VP, kahit ordinaryong mamamayan lang ako may karapatan akong ipahayag yung aking mga mungkahi. May karapatan akong mag-criticize if I need to criticize, kasi yung demands ng pagiging Filipino ko. And demand sa akin as a Filipino ay maging bahagi, maging bahagi ako sa nation building,” she said in an interview on Quarantined with Howie Severino. 

Her statement came after an editorial in the Manila Times was published, questioning why the vice president was expressing her opinions on policy-making when she supposedly had no role to place in policy-making as per the constitution. 

Robredo has earlier said that the current administration has no clear direction as it tackled the pandemic. 

“Kasi parang napaka-frustrating tingnan. Napaka-frustrating tingnan na yun nga hindi mo alam kung ano yung direksyon. Yung sasabihin ng isa, salungatin ng isa. Yung direksyon ng ahensya hindi sabay-sabay. And I think nakikita ito during the press conferences. Ako I have been religiously watching the Monday press conferences. Dapat sana yung press conferences for me dapat reassuring, dapat di ba? Alam mo yun?” she said. 


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