Jobless Dubai-based expat returns bag full of cash and gold jewelry


Despite being jobless, an Indian expat has returned a bag full of cash and gold jewelry to the rightful owner. 

Retesh James Gupta returned the bag that contained $14,000 or AED51,492 in cash and gold jewelry worth AED200,000 and three American passports to its owner. 

Dubai Police honor the honesty of the expat. He was given a certificate of appreciation. 

“Keeping the bag never crossed my mind and there was no second thought about not returning to its owner,” he told Gulf News. 

Gupta found the ‘treasure’ a week after he lost his job. 

The Indian went to the Al Qusais Metro Station to hand over the bag to the police on duty. 

“Only one thought crossed my mind while I was driving to the police station. What if the owner of the bag tells the police about any jewelry or cash gone missing from the bag after I found it? But thank God, that did not happen,” he further said. 

Gupta has later received a call from the owner of the bag–Boby Hammed, a Bangladeshi American. 

“Hameed was much obliged and thanked me repeatedly for my good gesture and honesty. I could not meet him because he was traveling back to the United States. He had come to Dubai with his family to visit his parents who have been living here for the last 45 years,” Gupta said. 

A reward

Gupta, probably because of good karma, got a new job offer from a bank. “I believe this was my reward from God in difficult times as I got a job offer while many others are losing theirs. I feel elevated and happy while my family and friends are proud of me. I am even getting calls from my friends and relatives from India, congratulating me for my honesty,” he said. 


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