New normal? This woman adjusts her ‘kilay’ because ‘nakakahiya naman sa faceshield’


As part of the new normal, residents around the world are required to wear a face mask to prevent and limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus. 

The virus has spread almost everywhere that people are evading them. Meanwhile, others are mandated not just to wear face masks but also to wear face shields. 

This Filipina woman just won’t let Covid-19 ruin her fashion–so she created a set of eyebrows! 

Grace Mariano on Facebook posted two photos: one wearing the face shield, one without the face shield but showing her fake eyebrows. 

“Kilay ko na lang yung nag-adjust. Nakakahiya naman sa faceshield,” she wrote. 

Her post has now over 7,000 shares and 5,000 Facebook reacts. 

Now that is one way to fight Covid-19 in style!


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