Two Dubai resident arrested for filming police arresting a suspect


The Dubai Police have recently arrested two women for filming a police officer while on duty. 

The video that has been taken and published online includes a Dubai police arresting a suspect. 

Brig. Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai Police, said that the women have breached the privacy of the officer while on duty. 

He added that the women uploaded the clip breaching the privacy of the officer. 

“They violated the cybercrime law by breaching the privacy of a policeman on duty and publishing the clip online,” Brig. Al Jallaf said. 

They may face jail for not less than six months and a fine between AED250,000 to AED500,000 as per article 21 of UAE Cybercrime Law. 

“The law also stated that anyone who changes or edit a picture or clip to defame or breaching the privacy of a person, shall be punished with at least one year in jail, a fine between AED250,000 to AED500,000 or one of the punishments.” 


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