Filipina advertising professional making waves in UAE


Born and raised in the dry land of UAE, Director and Marketing Communications for a digital entertainment firm, Janine Alyssa Navarro, has been making a significant impression overseas.

Navarro, or fondly called J or Jinny, has spent most of her time in the UAE but went back to the Philippines to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.

Her first work as a communications executive and a designer at the same time. Not 10 years later, she became the director of marketing and communications at the Glimpse Marketing FZ-LLC.

“My current position allows me to enjoy the work I’m passionate about which is coming up with digital marketing strategies for brands that are looking to create their own footprint in the digital sphere, conceptualization, and implementation of content and copywriting. I man my own brilliant team of social media executives, designer,s and editors. Working with such talents is the best part of what I do,” she said.

Navarro’s previous designations included communications executive, designer, marketing executive, senior PR executive, social media specialist, and her current position. She has worked in various industries, such as advertising, tourism, public relations, entertainment (cinema and distributor) and she has finally settled with agency life.

One of the highlights of her career was when she was recognized by The Filipino Times last year as the Advertising Professional of the Year.

Despite growing up in the host country and being able to learn the local culture, she, too, faced undertones of racism and office politics. “I am thankful for the mentors who genuinely showed support and encouragement towards my craft that made me disregard the naysayers. Due to their exemplary examples, I aim the same support and mentorship towards young professionals in my industry,” she said.

“The craft and expertise of Filipinos in various industries are competitive enough to go up against the global stage. Do not belittle your experience and skills. Instead, improve, adjust, and continue towards making your own mark in your field. There will be struggles and difficulties, but these are not impossible to overcome. If anything, we Filipinos love a good challenge anyway,” Navarro said when asked about her advice to Filipinos overseas. 

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