Former ward nurse for Covid-19 in UAE now helps gov’t in vaccine mission


For Froilan Albaracin Imatong, helping the sick and touching the lives of many people has always his dream since he was a child. Today, he is now playing a huge chunk of role in Covid-19 situation in UAE, the country he has been serving since he was 23.

A graduate of Nursing at Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan City in 2005, he became a registered nurse in the Philippines the same year.

Imatong, who is also a registered nurse in the UAE, was a ward nurse in a government hospital in the capital, primarily handling Covid-19 confirmed patients. Currently, he is one of the team leaders of the government’s vaccine mission, 4Humanity, to find the cure for the virus.

Before curating his fate overseas, he was a nursing educator in the Philippines and devoted most of his time to touch the lives of countless individuals and families. Back then, he had worked as a clinical instructor and as a staff nurse in a tertiary level hospital.

Working a frontline hero in Abu Dhabi

Imatong is one of the first batches of the thousand nurses of Aspen Medical, a healthcare employment solutions company in UAE, at the onset of the Covid-19 situation in the country.

“The psychological struggle is the top amongst many struggles I am encountering. The fact that those patients are all confirmed to have the virus and the risk of me acquiring the virus is highly possible,” he said.

Aside from psychological struggle, he also suffered from a physical one from wearing PPEs for long hours.

“I was able to cope with those challenges by putting God at the centre of my daily routines. His guidance protected me from acquiring the virus and help me to share the skills and knowledge that I have to in order for me to practice my profession. I believed that when you genuinely share what God has given you, you’ll able to surpass the challenges. And that’s what I did,” he added.

The frontline hero described the unprecedented pandemic as remarkable.

“Seeing the fast recovery of the patients you handled and able to fight against the virus is one of them. Building strong camaraderie and care amongst the multidisciplinary team, patient and their family, government officials, and other entities who came together in surpassing the pandemic are among of the memorable parts of me being a frontliner,” he further added.

Imatong also described the government’s way of handling the Covid-19 situation as truly incomparable and amazing, especially its 4Humanity mission which is the world’s first third phase clinical trial for Covid-19 inactivated vaccine.

“Their mission reflects their love and care to their people and to almost 200 nationalities living in the UAE. Their campaign is effective, and their act is selfless that makes the blessings of this nation overflowing,” he said.

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