Ericson Javillo: A dynamic visionary leader and seasoned global educator


For him, learning is a never-ending endeavor. As a global educator and visionary leader, he mastered personal connections that make one’s career and life richer. 

40-year old Ericson Javillo has already been working abroad for 15 years. Currently, he is the program head/lecturer for EPMA-PCU Graduate School Middle East Extension which he is tasked to strengthen community engagement strategies to boost program outreach across the region. 

Described himself as a dynamic visionary leader and a seasoned global educator, Javillo possesses a strong commitment and selfless dedication in the continuous development of students, co-educators, staff members, and the whole community by providing a stimulating environment. 

The Global Filipino Magazine has recently sat with Javillo to talk about his breakthroughs in life. 

Question: What and where was your first job? 

Answer: I received my first paying job (honorarium from the government) when I was 15 as a Sanguniang Kabataan Chairman for six years. Then at age 21 as a Barangay captain (the youngest Barangay Captain in the province of Ilocos Sur and even in the entire Philippines in 2001). 

And in the same year 2001, I graduated as a teacher and luckily land on my first teaching job at the Santa Lucia Academy Ilocos Sur. 

Question: Was it easy to achieve your current state? 

Answer: It has never been easy as there are no shortcuts in life. Along the journey, challenges entangled with failures are non-comitant. Up-to-the-minute life and work require the complex blend of knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning, i.e. the ways we reflect, adapt, and learn – all forcefully interlaced to achieve expertise. Hence, a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step. 

Question: What’s your advice to those people who want to follow your footsteps? 

Answer: Be true to yourself, to your passions, and your long-standing dreams. Embrace challenges as opportunities and never stop learning. Be humble always and willing to continue to learn because education is a never-ending endeavor. Take time, courage, and confidence to get to know, reach out, and engage with the people around you. 

Question: What is your mantra in life?

Answer: ‘To teach is to learn twice over’ – Joseph Joubert

Teaching and learning experiences are valuable. It’s more than just imparting awareness, conveying knowledge, and building the dexterity to apply and practice them. It’s about understanding as a teacher how learning engages and changes people. As a teacher, if you truly appreciate and value those wonderful moments and remain present in their hearts, learning will happen for both teacher and student over and over again, forever. Never stop learning. 


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