Netizen feels proud after seeing Philippine flag waving in a supermarket in US


A netizen has recently shared a photo on Facebook showing the Philippine flag being displayed at a grocery store in the US. 

“Honestly, nagulat ako nung nakita ko yung madaming flags. Parang nabuhay yung dugong Pilipino ko. Kahit sa ganitong pagkakataon, nakakaproud maging Pilipino,” Sherry Jumawan De Leon wrote. 

De Leon said that she spotted the flag in a Walmart branch in Vallejo, California in Filipino-made products. 

The flags are visible on both side of the aisle

Other netizens think Walmart is doing this because next month would be the Filipino Heritage Month. 

“I’ve been to that Walmart often. I was shocked when they started a Filipino aisle about a year ago. I’ve never seen a whole devoted to Filipino products, ever!” one comment read. 

One Facebook user, meanwhile, said that he was not surprised at all because the place is known to have large Filipino community members. 

“I am not surprised at all, we have a lot of kababayan in Vallejo. Went to Catholic Sunday mass and more than 95% are Filipinos. San Francisco and the outskirts like Vallejo has the most numbers of Filipinos in the USA a few years ago and I thought I was in San Diego,” she added. 


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