Pinay shares how physical activities helped her win fight vs. breast cancer


Breast cancer doesn’t only strike people with bad health habits. This statement was proven when UAE-based physical fitness professional Elaine Coronel Superio was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 despite living a healthy lifestyle. 

A licensed physical therapist and the manager of Sharjah Ladies Club, Elaine said that she took it positively when she was diagnosed with the deadly disease. She admitted that her mother was also a warrior, and took the same fight against breast cancer and probably inherited it from her.

We have recently interviewed Elaine to further discuss how she dealt with breast cancer. 

Since you’re a fitness professional, did your perception of life change because you suddenly had breast cancer? 

I didn’t look at it that way because being in the fitness industry it helped to recuperate. I certainly did not blame Him. I thank Him because I can still do whatever I still wanted to do. Prior to having been diagnosed with breast cancer, I was able to climb the highest mountain in the African region which is Mt. Kilimanjaro. And during the process or treatment, I took Zumba classes, and then after chemotherapy, I joined the women’s dragon boat team and it did help me back on track. 

Do you believe that one way to prevent cancer is to live an active lifestyle?

There are tons of diseases that are influenced by our lifestyle. However, there are also diseases we can prevent and control by following a healthy lifestyle. For example, we can quit smoking and drinking alcohol to prevent future diseases linked to these. 

What’s your advice to those people who can’t and won’t find time to lead a healthy lifestyle? 

I always ask my clients how can you give more time to your loved ones if you yourself can’t even give enough time to invest in your health. This has to be a lifestyle process. You don’t do this because you’re just going to attend a wedding next month. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hit the gym, there are many ways especially now that the weather is getting better each day. 

How did breast cancer change you? 

It really didn’t change me because I didn’t think that I had it in me. I just thought that the more I think about it, the more I’ll overthink. My support system during those trying times was my family and my workmates who never left my side. I saw how my mom fought it, so I thought if she can, so can I! There wasn’t much change, I can still do things I can do before. However, I am still more engaged to spread breast cancer awareness through talks. In addition, I have adopted a new way to deal with stress because it has a big contributing factor to take over our lives. 

What’s your message to those suffering and fighting breast cancer now? 

Don’t give up, stay strong–this message is for the one suffering and the people around him or her. There’s always hope.

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