Volume 1, Issue 6 | October 2020

“Where there is a scent, there is happiness. Issue 6 is now finally out! Grab a copy now and read the inspiring stories of 20 Filipinos abroad who were featured on this issue.”

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Issue 15 | July 2021

Magazine Issue 15 | July 2021 "The 15th issue of The Global Filipino Magazine is finally out! Filipina entrepreneur and seasoned recruiting expert Donna Carpio shines in this issue. Here, she tells how she found a...

Issue 14 | June 2021

Magazine Issue 14 | June 2021 The 13th edition of The Global Filipino Magazine is finally here! Here, we feature 20 inspiring stories of Filipinos across the globe. Kristine Liday-Tabita’s story shines in this issue--from being...

Issue 13 | May 2021

Magazine Issue 13 | May 2021 "The 13th issue of The Global Filipino Magazine is finally out! In this issue, we’ve featured the ever-creative woman behind the ArtWear Project FZ-LLC, Miss Anne ‘Anz Soza’ Penaflorida. She...

Issue 12 | April 2021

Magazine Issue 12 | April 2021 In this issue, The Global Filipino Magazine celebrates the arrival of Vivamax Middle East! The platform, which is now available both in App Store and Playstore, offers content from all...

Issue 11 | March 2021

Magazine Issue 11 | March 2021 Our March issue is now out! In this edition, we've featured a very successful educator in Abu Dhabi, Lilac Schonberg. A wife, mother, teacher, and cancer survivor, Lilac continues to...