Dubai visa holders who are stuck outside UAE can now return to country without issue


Expats with Dubai-issued visas and are stranded outside the country for over six months can now re-enter the country without issue, a top official from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). 

“Residents with valid residency in the system can enter the country without a problem if the air space between the UAE and the country they are staying is open,” Maj. Salim Bin Ali, Director of the Amer Department for the Happiness of Customers told Gulf News. 

He said that sometimes, applications may be rejected if the system is closed or the visa is canceled. 

“In such cases, if the approval is rejected or it is mentioned that your residency is blocked, contact our call centre and we will investigate the case or address any other issue. If a return approval is granted, you can re-enter the country normally,” he further added. 

Those residents stuck outside the country can call Amer centres on 0097143139999 or send an email at


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