Philippines enters list of 20 countries with most Covid-19 cases


The Philippines has entered the list of 20 countries with the most number of Covid-19 cases worldwide on Thursday, October 1. 

The list can be accessed on the Worldometers site and the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre. 

The country entered the list as it logged 2,415 new cases on Thursday, taking the total number to 314, 079. 

The Philippines beat Pakistan, which at the 21st spot, has 312,806 cases; and is just one slot away below Italy which has 314,861 cases. 

Currently, the South East Asian country has already the most Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia. 

Meanwhile, the United States is still the most Covid-19-hit nation, reporting 7.5 million cases, followed by India with 6.3 million cases, Brazil with 4.8 million cases, and Russia in 4th place with 1.2 million cases. 

Photo by Philippine Daily Inquirer


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