Filipino Institute founder sends greetings to trainers on World’s Teachers Day


As the world observed the World’s Teachers Day on Monday, the Filipino Institute Founder and President Mr. Gabriel John Rimando is paying tribute to all the trainers of the training institute. 

The Filipino Institute has over 400 trainers in the Middle East and in the Philippines, teaching hundreds of courses to Filipinos overseas. 

“This World’s Teachers Day, I would like to commend all our unsung heroes teaching students face-to-face and virtually. Although the pandemic is there, it will not stop us from helping our kabayans to upgrade their skills and improve their life,” Rimando said. 

One of the reasons why Filipinos choose the training institution is because of its affordable and quality education. 

Currently, it offers short-term and long-term courses, MBA programs. Just very recently, it started to offer Ph.D. programs. 

“Our trainers are the pillars of the institution, without them, there is no FI (Filipino Institute),” he added. 

The educational institution also aims to provide the most affordable and high-quality courses for all aspiring Filipinos who wish to acquire knowledge and skillsets for their career. 

They have established various campuses in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman; and it also reached Qatar and Kuwait. 


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