Two Pinay restaurant owners in UAE hire jobless expats


As the pandemic affects the majority of workers in the country, two Filipina restaurant owners have hired jobless expats in their soon-to-open restaurant in Sharjah. 

In an interview with Dubai 92, Lourds Adalia-Evertise, 35, and Cristine Caringal-Melad, 35, revealed that they were about to open the restaurant, however, Covid-19 happened. 

The pandemic period gave them an opportunity to rethink how to help their community in the country. 

This was the time when they thought of hiring a team of skilled people who were displaced from their workplace due to the Covid-19 situation. 

“We felt it was our responsibility to the people to help them out during this trying time,” Melad said. 

“One of the earliest talking points we had was the question of how we can make a difference in the community,” Evertise added. 

The restaurant is set to open later this month. 

Photo by Dubai 92


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