‘Is it because we’re foreigner?’ Student in Philippines thrashed with metal rod on face


An Indian expat was recently brutally attacked by a group of men in the Philippines. 

As posted by Mhmd Firoz, his friend, a third-year student at AMEC-BCCM in Albay was mulled while getting food to eat when three locals approached and thrashed his face with a metal rod. 

“Though the second attempt, with good grace, was dodged, his face had already begun to bleed due to deep cuts. Whatever conscience had left he with, ran for his life back to his home,” Firoz wrote. 

The victim had three stitches on his face and after visiting a dental clinic, four teeth have been removed and his maxillary bone was also fractured and removed. 

He added that authorities in charge were not available at the scene. “We didn’t get any positive response from any officials in charge,” he further added. 

Firoz called the attention of Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal and Congressman Al Francis Bichara. 

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