818 passengers denied entry to UAE for not having confirmed return tickets


A total of 818 passengers were recently asked to return to their country of origin after Dubai Airports denied entry into the country for not having confirmed return tickets. 

Of the total number, 678 are Pakistani citizens and 140 Indians. 

According to airlines and travel agencies, a new rule has been imposed for people arriving in the emirate on a visit or tourist visas. 

“We have been informed by the authority concerned in Dubai that passengers with visit and tourism visas arriving in the emirate without a return ticket will not be permitted entry. It is a must for all passengers traveling from Indian to Dubai on a visit or tourist visa to hold a valid return ticket. In the absence of the same, we would be constrained to offload the passenger at the check-in point of boarding point in Indian or refuse entry in Dubai by deporting the passenger at their own cost and expense,” Air India said. 

GMA News has also reported that 11 Filipinos on tourist visas were asked to return to the Philippines for the non-compliance. 


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