LOOK: 64-year-old Vicki Belo joins Ivana’s sexy car wash challenge


Beauty guru Vicki Belo has joined the internet sensation Ivana Alawi in a fun car wash challenge in her latest YouTube vlog. 

Vicki invited Ivana over to her house to recreate the latter’s viral car wash challenge. 

“I’m wondering why people love to watch your carwash videos, your ‘laba’ videos and it’s the girls who love to watch it. Do you understand kung bakit ganun,” Vicki asked the sexy YouTube vlogger. 

“Hindi talaga. Wala eh kasi normal ko siyang ginagawa so parang hindi ko din pa naiintindihan Doc,” Ivana replied. 

In the vlog, Ivana taught Vicki how to clean the car the ‘sexy’ way. 

Watch Vicki’s vlog below:


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