Philippine Airline’s first all-female pilot crew flies from Saudi Arabia to Manila


The Philippine Airline (PAL) had an all-female flight deck crew on PAL’s Airbus A330, which was considered as PAL’s ‘first’ on a widebody aircraft.

The flight was led by Capt. Yvonne Sunga, who is a former flight attendant, assisted by First Officer May Marie A Segovia, a former military pilot, and Second Officer Marie Rose Ison Maximo, who is also a former flight attendant.

“This flight brightened up my day and made me forget about my worries. A flight of female pilots, former flight attendants and a former military female pilot. Wow, thank you ladies for sharing this beautiful sky with me,” Maximo said.

“A flight full of hope and positivity, sisterhood, wisdom and faith,” she added.


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