Weidao China: A new hotspot for hot pot and BBQ lovers in Dubai


Weidao China, situated in Al Wasl Building, Block B, Deira, is going to be the top hotspot for hot pot and BBQ enthusiasts in Dubai because of their wide range of options. 

The new restaurant in the place has opened its doors just this week. Despite being new in the place, the way they’re handling their customers is very commendable. The staff are friendly, attentive, and easy to approach. Weidao China is probably investing in its workforce because all of them are equally perceptive. Most of them are Filipinos who unquestionably welcoming and are great at customer service. 

The interior? It’s praiseworthy! Dining inside the Chinese restaurant felt like inside a semi-formal dining experience. Unlike any other hot pot restaurants, Weidao China is brimming with positivity and good vibes, coupled with soothing music for the diners. 

To describe their food as ‘great’ is not enough. It is beyond great because they’re offering fresh ones. The cooked Chinese food are being served hot, and the viands in the buffet section are being kept fresh by changing it from time to time. 

Fresh meats and vegetables can be found in the hot pot section. There is also an array of options for BBQ lovers that one cannot say no to. 

Currently, the restaurant is running a promotion–AED49 per person until October 28.

Its original price AED94 will be reimposed after.


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