Going back to the Philippines? Here’s a step by step guide for int’l passengers


Are you all set to go back to the Philippines? 

If you’re arriving at Clark International Airport, here’s a step by step guide for you. 

Step 1: Register Online

If you’re arriving at Clark International Airport, it’s mandatory to register online and accomplish your CIF which can be found on their website

The forms shall be printed. It’s best to put them in your hand-carry because you’re going to present them to the airport staff. 

After walking at the airport’s tunnel, a camera is waiting for international passengers to measure your body temperature. 

Passengers are required to wear masks and face shields.

Step 2: Arrival

Relax and be sealed. The airport’s marshals will call you when it’s your turn. While you’re waiting, make sure you have the health declaration form and affidavit of undertaking ready. These documents will be submitted later. 

Step 3: Health check and verification 

The Bureau of Quarantine personnel will approach you to validate your Health Declaration Cards which is in the form of a small yellow card. It will be then submitted to a Bureau of Quarantine personnel. 

Meanwhile, the Affidavit of Undertaking will be submitted at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) counters for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and seafarers, and the Department of Tourism (DOT) for tourists and balikbayans. 

Step: Hotel and transport verification

The process for OFWs, tourists, and returning residents is different from each other. 

If you’re an OFW, proceed to the OWWA booth they will give you your hotel and transportation confirmation. 

If you’re a tourist or balikbayan, you proceed to the DOT counter and show your hotel and transportation booking confirmation. You may pre-book your hotel online, and you can choose any BOQ-accredited hotels. The list is also available on the Clark International Airport website

Step 5: Payment 

Proceed to the payment counter if applicable. It’s 4,500 for non-OFWs. One can only pay in cash and in the Philippine peso currency. Besides the cashier is a money changer. 

OFWs are not required to pay anything at the airport. 

Step 6: Barcode issuance

After making your payment, proceed to the designated counter for barcode issuance. 

Step 7: Swab testing

Proceed to the testing booth and make sure you have your passport and barcode with you. 

Step 8: Immigration and customs

Proceed to immigration and customs. 

Step 9: Hotel quarantine

Proceed to your assigned bus for transport to your designated quarantine hotel. 

Step 10: Results

You will receive your results after 48 hours. 


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