Financial record or ‘show money’ not needed to enter Dubai, official clarified


A top official from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) debunked reports that all incoming tourist visa holders are required to present ‘financial records’ or ‘show money’ to enter Dubai. 

Several media reports suggest passengers carry token money of AED2,000 upon arrival. 

However, Brig. Talal Ahmed AlShanqeti, Director-Genera of the Airport Passport Affairs Sector at the GDRFA, told Khaleej Times that they haven’t issued anything about mandating passengers to show their financial records before their arrival in the emirate. 

“The rules have not been changed. All tourist visa holders must show hotel reservations, medical insurance, and now, a negative Covid-19 test. If something happens to them, who will take care of them?” he asked. 

Since October 13, thousands of tourist visa holders were denied entry into Dubai after immigration authorities proved that they are ‘unqualified job seekers’ carrying dummy return tickets and hotel reservations. 

Al Shanqeti also said that they did not have the means to pay for their living in the emirate. 

“The stranded passengers were not genuine tourists. They were unqualified job seekers who arrived here with no means to fend for themselves. They did not have any money for transportation. Moreover, could not even read the immigration forms,” he added. 


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