Pinay in Dubai gives birth while hospital getting burned


A Filipina in Dubai has given birth during a minor fire at Aster Private Hospital in the Mankhool area on September 28. 

The Pinay mom, Mary Ann, 34, thanked the firefighters for their efforts during the evacuation. 

According to a Gulf News report, a minor fire broke out at Aster Private Hospital in the Mankhool area, and six minutes after receiving an emergency call, firefighters from Al Karama fire station have arrived. 

The Dubai Civil Defence said it was just a minor fire and was brought under control within 10 minutes. 

Mary Ann told Gulf News that she was preparing to deliver her baby when the fire broke out. 

“I was in the room for 15 minutes when the fire happened. Firefighters evacuated all the patients and asked them to go outside the hospital. They came to me and calmed me down, saying things will be fine,” she said. 

A group of eight firefighters and medical staff have evacuated her, pushing her bed all the outside of the building, and took her to a neighboring building. 

“I was as if in the middle of an action movie. I only remember them pushing my bed with my husband to the second building. They lept telling me everything will be okay and I wasn’t afraid,” she added. 


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