‘DFA’s response on PH Ambassador to Brazil will be severe to fullest extent of the law’


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has finally addressed the issue involving an envoy allegedly maltreating a household worker. 

Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Marichu Mauro has been recalled by the DFA to conduct an investigation into the incidents of physical abuse perpetrated by her against her staff as seen on the viral CCTV footages. 

“But first, the DFA will get authority from the Office of the President to proceed as a young lawyer reminded us all or it will be an exercise in futility,” Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said in a statement. 

He added that the DFA will be firm in meting out the appropriate sanctions and administrative or criminal charges on the envoy if the results demand as such. 

“Under my leadership, the DFA will not tolerate in any way whatsoever actions by any of its ranking officers or staff that go against our primary mandate, which is the promotion and protection of the welfare of all overseas Filipinos. President Duterte has been clear from the beginning of his term that his administration will do everything to protect the rights of every single Filipino worker abroad,” he added. 

Locsin also assured that their response will be ‘severe’ to the fullest extent of the law. 

“Rest assured, the DFA’s response on this matter will be severe to the fullest extent of the law especially when it involves a high-ranking DFA official setting an example to ensure that matters like these will never be tolerated. Even now, we are reviewing the policy of allowing Filipino diplomats to take Filipino domestic helpers from the Philippines rather than hiring them locally in their foreign posts,” he further added. 

Locsin reiterated that the DFA is giving the matter its utmost attention. 

“All our diplomats are held to an even higher standard by virtue of their profession’s mandate, not least to be the face of our compassionate country, and sworn commitment to public services,” he further added. 


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