Venomous redback spider spotted by a terrified Dubai resident in their residence


A Dubai resident has spotted a venomous redback spider in their barbeque grilling equipment. 

In the Facebook group DAMAC HILLS (Dubai) – Owner & Residents, a netizen shared a photo of the spider which she found at the back of their barbecue grilling equipment. 

“We are in Rockwood, so please check your gardens,” she said. 

According to her, the Dubai Municipality arrived within an hour to spray the area and check if it hatched there. 

Redback spiders are considered a high venomous spider believed to be originated in South Australia. The arachnid has a toxic venom from their bites that affect one’s nervous system. A male redback spiders fangs are not capable of penetrating human skin, however, a female redback spider can kill a person. 


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