Bakeshop creates ‘dishwashing cake’ for ‘laging taga-hugas ng pinggan’


A bakeshop in the Philippines is now getting viral after it posted a cake dedicated to all dishwashers.

IshaBakes, in its post, said that they have been looking for dishwashing-inspired cake but they couldn’t see one so they came up with an idea. 

Their idea came into reality and as of this writing, their post has now more than 34,000 shares, 19,000 reactions, and 11,000 comments. 

While others are amused with their creativity, some are questioning its taste. 

“Feeling ko lasang sabon,” one comment read. 

“A picture you can smell,” one commented. 

A Facebook user jested that the certain cake that IshaBakes created was the epitome of ‘sponge cake.’


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