Pinay in Dubai accused of stealing AED182,000 or P2.3-million cash and jewellery by sponsor


A 36-year-old Filipina in Dubai stood trial at the Dubai Court of Instance for allegedly stealing jewellery and cash worth Dh182,000 from a local sponsor. 

The incident happened in September this year. She was accused of stealing Dh82,000 cash from the 63-year-old sponsor. 

“I kept Dh4,000, which I marked, in my purse in the closet. When I lost it, I confronted the maids in front of my daughter. At first, they denied having to do anything with it. However, after about half an hour, one of them–the defendant–admitted she had taken the money. She brought me Dh8,000 and confessed she had been stealing my money. She said she stole Dh82,000 in total,” the employer was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times. 

She also noticed her jewelleries missing in her closet. 

“I could not find two gold necklaces, four gold bracelets, and two other pieces,” she added estimating it to be around Dh100,000.

A ruling will be announced on November 9. 


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